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So I thought it wise to re-educate all my readers, past customers, and partners about all the products and services that California Property Resources offers today.

1. Residential Mortgage Financing – We offer EVERY mortgage product out there for a home loan. Owner Occupied, Investor, Vacation, Units, etc. All with amazing terms. I beat banks and direct lenders all day long. Moreover, I can offer non-traditional financing too! Subprime Lending is back and there are stated income alternatives for investors as well. We even have a “24 month bank statements as income program” program.

2. Commercial Lending – SBA 7a and 504 loan are amazing and offer 90-93% LTV financing for the purchase of primarily owner-user commercial buildings. SBA loan terms are very reasonable today and if you own a property, want to buy a property, or refinance a property, check in with me to see if we can improve your terms. We also offer Investor owned commercial property financing.

3. Asset Based Lending – We offer financing for Accounts Receivable. If your business is paid through invoices from another business, you may be able to sell those invoices and receive cash much faster. So if you in a cash flow pinch at the office, or need cash faster for a big expansion, this may be the prefect product for you. Quick easy and without all the bank hassle.

4. Contact Mortgage Processing – Simple Solutions is a division of our company that offers NMLS approved Contract Mortgage Processing to Mortgage Brokers and Bankers. This service allows Bankers and Brokers to avoid the hassle to interviewing, training, and managing full time employees. There is a significant cost benefit to the companies who use contract processing. And in today’s rising interest rate environment, this may be just the trick to keep profit margins up.

5. Land Contracts – We are a licensed Real Estate Broker, but we don’t offer traditional Real Estate Services. What we do offer is the creation, management and administration of Land Contracts or Contract for Deed transactions. If a buyer and seller can come to terms directly and avoid the Real Estate commission our service prepares contracts, deals points, and administers the payments through the life of contract.

Thanks for listening and please reach out if you or someone you know is in need of any of our products or services.


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