SBA 504 – For Small Business this is the best commercial real estate loan

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SBA 504 financing offers businesses below-market, fixed rate financing for the acquisition, renovation or construction of commercial real estate. SBA 504 loans provide long-term stability for businesses with the ability to retain working capital which can be used to further grow the business and create new jobs. The March SBA 504 interest rate is 4.29%, fully fixed for 20 years.

The SBA has been offering small business financing for a long time. And many believe today that financing is tight. Well the fact is the SBA WANTS to lend to small business and the 504 program is a great way to buy a building rehab an existing building or finance working capital for expansion.

Many banks and small lenders offer the product but rates vary greatly depending on who you speak to. And lenders also have overlays, or further restrictions in addition the the SBA minimum qualifying requirements. This is where a smart broker comes in handy.

Since the qualification process consists of a TON of paperwork. For the busy business owner, simply pile your last three years of taxes, your YTD profit and loss, and an executive summary and send it to a competent broker. That broker will qualify your loan before a bank ever sees it.

At that point, the broker can determine whose guidelines you fit in most compared to the lowest rate and cost out there. A broker’s job is to work for YOU and shop and secure the best financing – so you don’t have to.

Rates and fees for commercial loans aren’t that easy to come by. There isn’t

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