New Real Estate Investor Mortgage Product

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I am beginning to market a brand new mortgage program for private real estate investors that allows for quality long term fixed rate financing for their Residential Real Estate Portfolios.

This mortgage program is designed for Real Estate Investors who own, in aggregate, over $4 million dollars in investment property and can accomodate transactions up to $50 million is size.

This program allows these property owners to obtain one blanket loan, for up to 70% of the value of those stabilized and rented properties for refinance (cash out or rate and term) this program can also accomodate bulk acquisition of stabilized and rented properties in one transaction as well.
Program Terms:
ZERO Credit Score Requirements
50-70% LTV $4 Million-$50 Million Loan Amount
6-8% Fixed Term for 20 Years (4 Years Interest Only)
1.5% Total Points
Rate Term, Cash-Out, Bulk Acquisition
SFR, Condo, Units 1-4’s
For more information – please call or email today. Mortgage Brokers are welcome to participate. Michael Foote 949-584-4600 for details

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