HARP 3.0 or is it III – Bill introduced to Congress today

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The new HARP 3.0 bill was introduced in Congress today. The goal of this program is to expand the already fantastic results of HARP 1.0 and HARP 2.0. The bills aims at making it easier for underwater homeowners whose loans ARE NOT owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to refinance. This program does not require mortgage insurance and has low market rates.

The new program aims to make it easier in regards to income, appraisal, and employement requirements. Basically, we are going back to stated for those that have shown they can continue to make payments on time.

I’ve personally spoken to many of you about this program and it’s advantages. Now!! is the time to apply for this program…Yes I know its not even out yet. But I can tell you that if you wait until the program is announced finalised and launched you WILL BE too late.

Lender are notorious for raising rates to cut back production when prodcution soars. And believe me production will sore again when this product hits the market.. So to quote an old adage, The early bird gets the worm.

Call me or visit my website to begin the application process. We will get your application all set-up and ready to go once the program is live. www.michaelfoote.com

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