The BEST Mortgage Offer Ever…

Written by Michael A. Foote, CMB on . Posted in mortgage broker

If you apply with me for a refinance or purchase in the month of July. I will save your THOUSANDS!

For all July applicants, I¬†will fund your loan for the cost of a Processing Fee ONLY…

The average loan has a margin of 1.5-2.5% of the loan amount. Not points, profit margin. I am doing each loan for a flat $2500…. That means if you need a loan for $625000 let’s say…the banker or broker will profit (gross) between $9375 and $15625.. My GROSS profit will be $2500… Flat… This offer beat anything you will find on the internet.

These savings are real… removing that much profit can save you even more of the course of the loan. If you paid off a 30 year mortgage and the banker/broker had a profit of $15625 as noted above, that profit would cost you over $26, 800+ over the life of the loan at an average interest rate.

This is the most ridiculous offer we’ve had… and I am proud to offer it to you and your family or friends. You must reference this blog post or article when applying.

You simply cannot beat this offer.

Michael A. Foote, CMB 30 years of mortgage experience.